Checkered pants are a fashion trend that has been around for several years. In fact, the fashion for checkered pants first became popular during the 1970’s. Back then, jeans were all the rage, and so was the trend of wearing the loose-fitting, boxy look with the classic khaki or dark blue color of blue Jean. The look was so in vogue, that designers even designed suits and dress shirts that had this exact look. While the “checkered” look is still fashionable, it is no longer a must have for every wardrobe.

As for how to wear the look, it’s simple enough. Dark pants are always paired with a light colored shirt or a solid colored top. Ties can be kept to a minimum. For the best effect, look at wearing a tie out of doors when the weather is hot. In addition, remember to pair the pants with a dark colored belt, which goes well with light or pastel shirts as well.

One important factor about dressing in checkered pants is being sure to match your shoe color to the fabric of your shirt. If you’re dressing in the darker hues, beige shoes will usually look good with these colors. If you’re choosing a light colored shirt, consider going with white shoes. This way, you can assure that your shoe color won’t show up against the fabric of your shirt. If you choose to go with black shoes, make sure they are a bit darker than your shirt, or else they will show up against the white.

It’s easy to get carried away with the fashion trend of dressing in checkered fashion pants. This look is fun, easy to do, and usually quite comfortable too. So, how to wear this fashion? If you have a basic white shirt, it’s time to start. Any shirt will do, but if you have a darker shade of shirt, consider going with a tie to complete the look.

A vest or other solid top can also be worn along with these pants. A vest will help dress up the look a bit. Another important factor about dressing in checkered fashion pants is to remember that they are not 100% casual. You’ll still need a good pair of jeans, a button down shirt, and a solid footwear. In other words, this look isn’t suitable for the beginning of spring or summer, but can be dressed up in the fall or winter.

So, now we ask, “How to wear the checkered pants trend?” The first step is to try on an off-the-wall shirt or blouse. It might sound silly, but remember, don’t try to copy what you saw wearing these clothes. This will not be an easy look to pull off, and you could end up looking like a walking punch line. So, remember to take things with a grain of salt.

Once you have found a decent shirt or blouse, you’re ready to dress up your pants. One of the most classic looks is to go with a basic black shirt dress. Black is a neutral color that go with just about everything and can give you a polished look or a laid back look. Another option is to wear a dress, which matches your checkered tops, or even a sweater dress overtop.

For women who are planning to take this fashion look with a few friends, or who are wearing a dress with a patterned design, the easiest way to learn how to wear the checkered pants trend is to keep your accessories to a minimum. You might also wear a belt, or some other non necklace type accessory. If you are planning on wearing a shirt dress with these pants, then make sure that your shirts are fairly buttoned down. Nothing upsets or distracts the focus of a shirt dress better than an open neck or a pulled back. Remember to also bring along a notepad and pen for notes during your date.