More about elevator shoes

Wearing our elevator shoes will increase your height without anyone else knowing the secret, it will enhance gentlemen's physical appearance at the same time. Our shoes are made of highest quality leather and with best care. Every pair of elevator shoes is stylish, comfortable, and marketed Best regards at a reasonable price.

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Mid, Leather & Outer Insoles

elevator shoes that make you look taller, increase your height Upper Leather :
The shoes lasts won't allow the shoes to slip off and so they are extremely comfortable. The lasts also prevents tripping.
Leather Insoles:
Our insoles help absorb impact and at the same time comfortably cushioning your feet. This structure also adds additional height.
The mid-soles protect the deterioration of your insole and provide aeration.
The outer soles help keep the wearer from feeling uncomfortable and allows a natural instep. The natural rubber heels can be replaced by an ordinary heel.