About Us

CONSTEP - The original height increasing shoes / elevator shoes company

Constep was established since 1962, over 45 years' experience in shoe making.
Our famous height increasing shoes were solely developed for men and have become the most prestigious product line of our company since their first introduction in 1995. We specialize in manufacture of elevator shoes that increase height by 2-5.5 inches.

We launched our website www.IncreasingShoes.com in 2002, which offers a faster, safer, and more convenient way to order.
Free shipping is available for orders over $100(all 50 states, including APO/FPO).

We also ship to other countries besides the United States, we can ship to almost anywhere in the world at the same price including North & South America, Europe, Asia...... Please click here to see our country list.

We constantly introduce new styles and will add them to our website. Please visit our website often. We hope that you enjoy the quality and comfort of our shoes many years to come. Flexibility, reasonable price, reliable quality, good workmanship and prompt delivery are our principles in business.

What are elevator shoes?

Elevator shoes are basically no different from normal shoes, except they were made a little larger, leaving extra room to put rubber lifts inside that make you few inches taller.
Just that simple, you've discovered the little secret.

How come your prices are so low?

In fact, the manufacturing cost of a pair of elevator shoes made of genuine leather is around $20-$30 plus logistics cost and import duty, we markup 35%-50% and sell the shoes at $49.99, our prices are just reasonable, but when compare to other sellers in this industry who markup 500%-1000% and try to sell you the same pair of shoes for $100-$200.
YES, our prices are SO SO SO SO SO LOW.

Where are your elevator shoes made?

Our shoes are made and imported from China, like most elevator shoes sellers do. The only difference is we honestly tell you the truth, unlike some competitors who put a large US flag on their website, trying to leave a false impression that their products are made in USA or just say IMPORTED without disclosing the country of origin and hope you would pay them a unreasonably high price for the shoes.
Next time, ask the seller where are the shoes made, before you pay more than $50 for a pair of elevator shoes.

Do you do wholesale?

Yes, we do. We offer less 25% on wholesale with minimum order quantity of 3000 pairs but please not try to negotiate any lower price. You are very welcome to compare other suppliers before you place an order with us. Just go to any renowned business directory like www.alibaba.com or www.globalsources.com, search for elevator shoes or height increasing shoes, you should find a long list of suppliers from all over the world.
We don't afraid of competitions, they just prove how good we are. We are so confident that you will finally come back and place an order with us.